Zvetlit, LLC

Zvetlit, LLC

Zvetlit, LLC

Zvetlit, LLC is a trading house of Zvetlit, JSC that is the great manufacture of cable and  aluminum wire rods EC grade 1350, 1370, aluminium alloy wire rods 6101, 6201 and various high quality aluminium wires. The pure aluminium primary ingots from Rusal is used in production. The factory is located in Saransk, Republic of Mordovia,  660 km south-east from Moscow. Presently the number of workers is about 400 people and the product list is over 5000 articles.

Nowadays Zvetlit is one of few companies of cable industry in our country where the full circle of production is used:  from producing aluminum wire rod to manufacturing cable and wire products.

Zvetlit often introduces the modern technologies of production, adopts the new types of cable and wire products. Special attention to safety and protection of health of the staff is taken.

Constant upgrading of activity in sphere of improvement of products quality is provided by supporting and modernization of company management system according to requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 «Quality management system. Requirements», GOST ISO 14007-2007 «Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use.», GOST P 54934-2012 «Occupational health and safety management system. Requirements»

The cable production of the factory is used practically in every branch of Russian industry.

The products of Zvetlit are used in the construction of the stadium «Mordovia Arena» in Saransk, which will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The company always takes part in the annual exhibitions Cables&Wires.

Since 2016 Zvetlit is a member of Russian Aluminium Association.

Cabling and wiring products:

  • Power PVC insulated cables;

  • Power cables,  flame retardant, low smoke,  PVC insulated;

  • Power flexible cables rubber-insulated, rubber-covered;

  • Power cables, flame retardant,  with halogen-free insulation and sheath;

  • Control  cables, flame retardant with insulation;

  • Installation PVC insulated wires;

  • Self-supporting insulated wires;

  • Connecting wires;

  • Low fire hazard wires for electrical devices;

  • Low fire hazard cables for electrical devices;

  • Aluminium wire rod, aluminium  wire rod made of alloy.


Address: 22, Alexandrovskoe shosse, Saransk, Republic of Mordovia, Russian Federation 430006

Phone/fax:  +7 (8342) 29-16-01

Email: e.buravkin@zvetlit.ru

Website: https://www.en.zvetlit.ru/ 


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