EM-Cable, LLC

EM-Cable, LLC

EM-Cable, LLC

EM-Cable, LLC is the Russian cable enterprise. EM-Cable is included into group of companies Opticenergo, LLC. EM-Cable was founded in 2010.

EM-Cable produces following products:

  • power cables 0,66-3 kV;

  • power cables 6-35 kV;

  • self-supporting insulated wires;

  • corrosion-resistant earth-wires;

  • non-insulated wires;

  • non-insulated wires of high temperature;

  • innovative solutions for modern energetics: modern ground wires for overhead power transmission line; wires with increased reliability and rust resistance; non-insulated wires of high temperature with expanded capacity; innovative cables with increased reliability for explosion hazardous zone; flame-retardant self-supporting insulated wires;

  • aluminum wires and wires from aluminium alloy, copper wires, alumoweld wires, steel zinked bands for cable armouring, sectorial aluminum conductors, etc.

There is only modern equipment from leading global producers at the factory.

The quality of products is confirmed by different certificates.




Address: 10A, Promyshlennaya St., Saransk, Mordovia Republic, Russia, 430006

Phone number: 8 800 100 99 44

E-mail: zakaz@emcable.ru

Web-site: https://emcable.ru

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