Karpay, LLC

Karpay, LLC

Karpay, LLC

KARPAY, LLC specializes in production and sale of sunflower seeds, roasted selected (packaged).

For over 15 years the trade mark “Karpaysky” is one of the leaders among manufactures of the roasted sunflower seeds not only in Russia but also abroad.

Products of the trade mark “Karpaysky” are successfully sold in such countries as Germany, England, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Israel. The range of products is constantly growing that allows “KARPAY”, LLC to expand the sales abroad.

Sunflower seeds of the trade mark “Karpaysky” are producing only from selected raw material.

For producing sunflower seeds company uses the modern foreign equipment.

Multilevel quality control of raw materials and finished products at all production stages allows company to achieve high quality of product.

The roasted sunflower seeds “Karpaysky” are established recognizable brand. From 2007 sunflower seeds of the trade mark “Karpaysky” are participants and prize winners of the international competition “The Best Product” at the exhibition “ProdExpo”, Russia.


Address:      21, Prospekt Lenina St., office 318, Saransk, Republic of Mordovia, 430005, Russia

Phone/fax:   8 (8342) 23-32-78  

E-mail:         mail@karpaiskie.ru

Website:       www.karpaiskie.ru

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