ORBITA-ELEKTRO, LLC is the manufacturer of the electrical equipment for nominal voltage to 110kV designed to acceptance, distribution and transmission of electric energy (switchgear and control gear, single-end service assembled chambers, packaged transformer substations, packaged modular buildings etc.).

At the customer's request the company is ready to develop any versions of configuration of electric equipment.

The company has received the certificates for design engineering and manufacturing of the electrical equipment for nuclear power stations.


  • PTS of block-modular type;

  • PTS of concrete type;

  • Switchgear of unilateral maintenance with voltage 6-10 kV;

  • Cubicle switchboards;

  • Cubicle switchboards with low voltage 0,4 kV;

  • Condenser units 0,4 kV;

  • Boxes for teleautomatic and remote meterage;

  • Prefab modular buildings;

  • Portals with round cross-section 35, 110 kV;

  • Steel constructions, 110 kV;

  • Rigid busbar, 35, 110kV;

  • Diode rectifier blocks for automotive generators;

  • Restrictive rectifier units for automotive generators;

  • Automotive voltage adjuster;

  • Semiconducting energy supply modules for welding machines;

  • Microelectronic integrated circuit for special purpose equipment;

  • Diodes for rectifier units which are used in automotive generators and welding machines;

  • Rectifier diode for general purposes;

  • P-i-n  frameless gaas (gallium-arsenide) crystals;

  • P-i-n  gaas (gallium-arsenide) epitaxial power fast diodes;

  • Fast-recovery diodes;

  • Rectifier fast diodes;

  • Semiconductor element;

  • Semiconductor devices for special purpose equipment;

  • Character indicators;

  • Microelectronic integrated circuit for general purposes.


Address: 12, Pionerskaya St., Yalga, Saransk, Mordovia Republic, Russia, 430904

Phone number/fax: +7 (8342) 25-47-76, +7 (8342) 25-38-90

E-mail: elektro@orbita.su

Web-site: http://orbita.su

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