Saranskkabel-Optika, LTD

Saranskkabel-Optika, LTD

Saranskkabel-Optika, LTD

Saranskkabel-optica, LTD is one of the leaders of production of fiber optic cable and the first plant in Russia which mastered production of the optical power ground wire.

Saranskkabel-optica, LTD was founded in 1998.

Saranskkabel-optica, LTD produces cables for indoor installation and suitable by pulling or air blowing; for installation in cable ducts, for direct burial installation including areas subjected to congelation; ADSS, OPGW, 8-shaped cable for suspension on urban lighting pillars and contact network of electric transport. Company uses the equipment of the Swiss-Finnish Company NEXTROM, Nexans, Bartell Machinery Systems LLS and materials of producers proven on the world market, such as: Corning Inc, Borealis Polymers, Condor Compaunds, DuPont and others.

200 000 km of a cable were made and shipped to consumer since the factory foundation. 3 500 000 km of fiber have been processed.

Sales markets of production stretch from western regions of a country to the Pacific Ocean.

Company offers to customers only certified products, which have been tested by time. Cables of company have more than 70 certificates.


  • Outdoor cables;

  • Cables for installation in cable ducts, tubes, tunnels;

  • Cables for direct burial installation;

  • Fiber-optic 8-shaped self-supporting cables;

  • ADSS cables;

  • Solutions for the energy sector;

  • Optical microcables for urban networks;

  • Materials and products for cable manufacture.


Address: 3, Stroitelnaya st., Saransk,Republic of Mordovia, 430001, Russian Federation

Phone number/fax: (8342) 22-30-32



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